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07 Dec How To Choose A Badminton Racket
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How To Choose A Badminton Racket As a recreational player, not much thought is given while buying/choosing a brand new racket but as you begin practicing you came to understand that racket can play a big role in your performance. A badminton racket is further divided into 3 parts a head, shaft and handle. What you should look at while buying a brand new racket is given within the article below- WEIGHT OF RACKET Typically, the majority of standard badminton rackets weigh between 85 to 92 g (without including the string & grip). A heavy racket is actually considered a power racket, while a light-weight racket gives better control. Therefore, exactly how much weight is good for a racket? Well it all simply depends on what kind of skill you’re having & exactly how much command you have on your technique. This is because if you opt for a heavy racket but your arm pronation isn't perfect then there are high chances that you may injure your shoulder. So we'd recommend, choose a lightweight ra..
21 Jan Types Of Badminton Shuttlecock
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Types Of Badminton Shuttlecock Just like any other sort of equipment in badminton shuttlecocks also comes in various types. TYPES OF SHUTTLES IN BADMINTON Nylon Shuttles Feather Shuttles Air Shuttles NYLON SHUTTLES As the name suggests these are made from nylon(plastic) material and are extremely popular among recreational players. Some Features of Nylon Shuttles Durability:  There's absolutely no doubt that these shuttles are far more durable than feather ones, typically a single shuttle can last for an entire match( 3 sets) with intense rallies. Also, you don’t really need to worry about the shuttle breakage like the feather ones. So whether or not you mishit a shot it won’t be affecting the flight of these birdies in the slightest. However, this doesn't mean that it can’t get damaged not during rallies. Even though these are much more durable however, their skirt portion isn't that rigid in comparison to its compatriot. This implies that if you applied too much pressure on that..
01 Jan Badminton Footwork On The Court
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Badminton Footwork On The CourtBadminton is actually a sport that is quick and quite challenging to master completely. There are several different aspects you need to pay alot of attention to. Movement on the court is one among these aspects.GOOD FOOTWORK WILL PROVIDE YOU WITH:  Opportunity to play different kinds of shots.Chance to hit the shuttle early while it's still above net height Ability to recover quickly and narrow gapsChance to deprive opponents in time BalanceConfidence There are several methods to respond to every shot or smash, and that is why you need to memorize these motions and get them ready to use when such a situation occurs. You'd be quite amazed to know that the difference is actually made between losing & winning a point by your quick feet.The basic concept is to play birdie from the best possible point at all times. In addition, it implies that you don’t need to let the shuttlecock drop from the air because it is very hard to impose a threatening shot, from a d..
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CRICKET SHOES - BUYER'S GUIDE _ HOW TO CHOOSE CRICKET SHOESCricket shoe shopping should be considered one of the most exciting parts of the game!Selecting the right size is only one part of making the right selection. In order to play the beautiful game of cricket with confidence, you must consider a few factors when choosing the right shoes for you1.SizeA good size is important, of course.You don't want your shoes to be too tight that they cause discomfort, nor too large that they make it difficult to stride properly. Nowadays, with the rise of online shopping, you can pick the right shoe size without even trying it on.        2.What surfaces will you be playing on?Do you plan to play on synthetic or turf pitches?A good pair of rubber shoes is essential to gripping synthetic pitches. When soil or moisture from the outfield has been tracked onto the pitch, this is especially important. Running shoes or sports sneakers can become worn quickly, especially for bowlers.It is necessary to w..
20 Jun Types of badminton shuttlecock
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Types of badminton shuttlecockBadminton shuttlecocks, like any other piece of equipment, exist in a variety of sorts. However, knowing these types isn't enough; in this post, I'll also explain which shuttle is perfect for you, so keep reading this guide on badminton shuttlecock types.Types of shuttles in badmintonNylon ShuttlesFeather ShuttlesAir ShuttlesNylon ShuttlesThese are manufactured of nylon (plastic) and are highly popular among recreational players, as the name implies.Some features of nylon shuttlesDurability: These shuttles are undeniably more durable than feather shuttles; a single shuttle may generally last for an entire match (3 sets) of furious rallies.Even if these are more robust, their skirt portion is not as hard as their counterpart, which means that if you apply too much pressure to that portion, it is likely to be damaged.Always grip the cork part of the shuttle instead of the nylon part when handling it.Price: This is one of the reasons why these shuttles are us..
28 Dec How To Choose Table Tennis Balls
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How To Choose Table Tennis Balls Table Tennis Balls! Such a small piece of equipment in table tennis but makes an enormous difference in your practice and match. Hence choosing the correct ones are super important. Usually, all the Table Tennis balls are classified into 1 star, 2 star and 3 star balls. However, there are three factors i.e. hardness, roundness and usage that further distinguishes one from another and we shall discuss about them thoroughly. This will further help a TT passion well while choosing a table tennis ball. In addition, this will help a TT passion well while choosing a table tennis ball. Let’s see the factors one by one: HARDNESS: In table tennis, the harder the ball the better it is. Why? Because it will result in better and even bounces on the table. Harder ball also results in improved durability. How exactly to make out whether the ball is tough enough? Generally, once you press a table tennis ball with your thumb gently (not forcefully), it shouldn't get p..
04 Feb 5 Ways To Choose Perfect Cricket Bat- Buyer's Guide
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5 Ways To Choose Perfect Cricket Bat- Buyer's GuideBuying a new cricket bat isn't the most exciting thing in the world!When we watch our favorite cricketers we often find ourselves thinking about how they would play if they were Virat Kohli, AB de Villiers, Rohit Sharma or Steve Smith. Having grown up watching Sachin Tendulkar, Steve Waugh, and Brian Lara rip apart bowling attacks, I knew the MRF was a favorite.But before you buy a cricket bat, you should consider a few things. You should hopefully be able to tell from this guide what kind of bat is right for you!The conditions you typically play in, and your style of playChoosing the right cricket bat is based on your style of play. A big hitter or an accumulator? Is your main interest in T20 cricket or longer forms of the game? If a T20 player wanted to get the ball travelling as far as possible, they might choose a bat with larger edges and a longer handle. The biggest edge is not as important for an accumulator, rather it is a bat ..
03 Feb Cricket Shoes- Buyers Guide, How TO Choose Cricket Shoes
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Cricket Shoes- Buyers Guide, How TO Choose Cricket ShoesThe exciting part of shopping for cricket shoes has to be picking out new ones!It is important to make the right selection beyond simply choosing the right size. When choosing the right shoes for you, you have to consider a few factors that will help you play cricket with confidence1.SizeIt is important to choose the right size.Shoes shouldn't be too tight that they cause discomfort, nor should they be too wide that you can't get a full stride without having your shoe fly off. Online shopping these days allows one to choose the right shoe size even without trying them on.        2.What surfaces will you be playing on?What kind of pitch will you be playing on?It is important to wear rubber shoes when playing on synthetic pitches. The pitch needs to be dry when soil or moisture from the outfield settles on it. Running shoes or sports sneakers can wear out very quickly, especially for bowlers.Spikes are required for playing on turf p..
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FOUR CRICKET BAT TECHNICAL TERMS YOU MUST KNOWThe Getting Cricket bat is fascinating, isn’t it? However we got Bewitched by its look without checking its traits which should be one of the most important aspects of your selection.Size and weight are very basic aspects for your selection but along with these aspects need to know some other factors. In this article there are some cricket bats terminologies mentioned that can help you in the selection of your best, cricket bat.Han of the Bat    The grip is the first and foreman’s most important part of your bat. As the better the grip will be the better you will be able to swing by holding it.A ripper grip usually in Cylindrical, Triangular shape is there on the handle to ensure the bat doesn’t get sneak out of hands, and the handle of the bat is made of different wood from the main part of the bat.The length of a bat varies according to the length of players, with a short length for short heightened players along a long length for taller ..
14 Dec How To Choose A Badminton String And String Tension
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How To Choose A Badminton String And String TensionHere are some basic badminton terminology and facts to familiarize yourself with before choosing a string:Strings stretch like elastic, so they begin to lose tension from the day they are strung (known as "tension creep").There is a “sweet spot” on every racket. On the string bed, this is the area that will give you the most power.It is recommended that beginners use a lower tension because the lower the tension, the bigger the sweet spot is because they do not have the technique.If you can consistently hit the sweet spot with a higher tension, it will provide more power and control. Due to the tightness of the strings, they will break more easily if a mis-hit occurs.String tension relating to power and controlBadminton shots are primarily powered by the string. You should know the impact of string tension on your game as a result. Any string, thick or thin, can be controlled in terms of power and control by adjusting the string tensio..
04 Feb How To Maintain Your Cricket Batting Gloves
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How To Maintain Your Cricket Batting GlovesBatting is all about comfort!It takes enough effort to adjust your technique when you need to, or to make sure you are hitting the ball well. To ensure your equipment is comfortable, you need to be able to wear it without noticing it. A good cricket glove will enable optimal performance just like a good cricket bat or cricket shoes.It is usually the batting gloves that get the most wear and tear. Perspiration on the hands and friction from strokeplay can affect the gloves when cricket is played in hot temperatures. When you buy cricket gear, you're always excited, but it's always a good idea to make sure you get your money's worth by maintaining your gear as best you can.In order to prolong the life of your batting gloves, follow these simple tips:1. Wear Inner GlovesThe word "maintain" implies that something should be taken care of after play, but that's not what it means. It's possible to maintain gloves well while playing. Playing cricket i..
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5 TIPS HELPS YOU THRIVE IN THE NEW TABLE TENNIS SEASONA new table tennis season is now coming along with that many of the world’s top leagues and also tournaments have already started. A new season also means that a new environment and potentially some of changes to your competitive table tennis from one year before. If you have moved to play for a different club or if your team is being promoted you will now have a different division for that. You will probably face new venues and along with that new opponents and you may get some new teammates also but you do not need to worry about that. SET YOURSELF SOME CHALLENGING GOALS WHICH SHOULD BE REALISTICGoal setting is an older concept in the field of tennis. It may not sound new and adventurous to you but it is totally effective. Standard of the league or tournament you are going through doesn’t matter. You should be getting some basic goals for yourself. These goals can include performance and also outcomes such as achieving a certain p..
20 Jun Badminton racket used by professional players
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Badminton racket used by professional playerEveryone wants to play like their favourite badminton player, which makes them curious about the equipment they use. In this article, I'll list the rackets used by top men's singles professional badminton players.Kento MomotaMomota is a badminton player from Japan. On the court, he is noted for his explosive moves and unexpected style of play. He has won a number of prestigious badminton tournaments, including two World Championships.Racket used by Kento momota: Astrox 99However, with the release of the new Astrox 100, I am confident that he will test this racket for a long time to determine if it is right for him.Some features of Astrox 99The racket's shaft is stiff, which implies it's suited for attacking players, which is perhaps why Yonex named the campaign steep attack challenge.Viktor AxelsenHe is a badminton player from Denmark. He was the 2017 World Champion and the 2016 Summer Olympics bronze medalist.Racket used by Viktor: Duora Z S..
31 May How to beat flat hitters at table tennis
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How to beat flat hitters at table tennis If you have ever played on an intermediate level competitive table tennis you will get all the information about flat hitters. Flat hitters include all the players who poke and slap the ball instead of looping it.Their techniques are totally a matter of question.They do all the weird and wacky habits in their game.3 Things you shouldn’t doThis article will mention all the tricks and techniques to do whenever you come to know you are a flat hitter at table tennis.Slow loops Slow loop players are usually great but in comparison to flat hitters they are not as good. If you ask flat hitters who they mostly like, they would mention slow loopers. A slow loop player has the time and the height and also the toposin they need to play their trademark flat hit. The main point is to avoid slow looping against a flat hitter.Toposin serves It is much easier to flat hit a topspin ball than a backspin ball so you need to avoid giving flat hitters toposin balls ..
14 Aug How to Improve Your Reaction Speed in Table Tennis
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How to Improve Your Reaction Speed in Table TennisOne of the fastest reactive sports in the world, it requires decision-making in millisecond increments repeatedly throughout a point. This blog post will highlight techniques for helping you quicken your reflexes for the advantage of your table tennis game.We've all seen it in matches and videos, a player blasts an awesome shot and somehow, with the bat of an eyelid, their opponent gets their bat to it and creates an awe-inspiring reflex return to win the point. One of the most crucial skills in a sport as quick as table tennis is reflexes. So what kinds of things can you do to improve your reaction speed?Off-Table Exercises for Improving ReactionsThere are numerous exercises that are unrelated to table tennis that can help you work on your responses and hand-eye coordination. Any kind of physical exercise that involves speed and coordination can be helpful, especially if you can include footwork. Here are some examples:Ball Coordinatio..
04 Feb How To Knock In Your Cricket Bat Properly
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How To Knock In Your Cricket Bat ProperlyAn exciting part of a cricket fan's life is undoubtedly purchasing a new bat! However, a damaged bat can cause a lot of headaches if not prepared correctly for action, along with the cost of repair.Early signs of underpreparation rather than poor quality indicate that the cricket bat has been underprepared:-      Crack in the face or toe of the bat after hitting a ball-      Dents on the surface of the bat caused by seams-      Your bat does not have parallel grainsYou'll have a high-performing blade if you take the steps necessary to make sure your bat is in top condition.Follow the three steps outlined below.1.Oiling your batIt is recommended that all bats be oiled before use. In order to reduce cracking and splitting of the blade, the bat blade should be oiled in order to maintain moisture. But do not oil the blade too much.Blade edges, toe, face, and back should be lightly oiled. Coat your bat once or twice more once it has dried.Key Tips..
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ARE YOU STANDING TOO CLOSE TO TABLE TENNISThis is a bit of a follow-up of all the recent blogs today in this article the discussion will be all about are you standing too close or too far to the table tennis. So many beginners are having issues that they stand too close to the table. We will explore the reason behind this.CAN YOU TOUCH THE TABLEWhen you are in your most typical way in a ready position, you can reach out and touch the table with your free hand. Some players even reach out and are able to touch the table before every point as their regular habit to check if they are having a good distance from their table or not.CAN YOU TOUCH TOO MUCH OF THE TABLEMost of the new learners and also the intermediate players are not able to stand far from the table and also not able to touch it. Instead of that they are standing so close to their table that they can also touch most of their own half from the table.A CORRECT STANCE IS KEYIf you are currently standing in the right position and..
28 Nov Guide to buying a table tennis table
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Guide to buying a table tennis tableWould you like to purchase a table tennis table? There are many things to consider. Several options are available. Each brand offers a different quality at a different price. Can you recommend any tables? Are you kidding me? Cheap tables? Or do you want to spend a lot of money?I hope to be of assistance to you. What's the difference between a quality table and a poor one? I give advice on which brands to buy, how much to spend, and where to buy. In addition, I provide specific recommendations about how to choose a table tennis table for your home, club, or school.First, let's talk about the most important details...Quality table tennis tables to look forThe thickness of the table tennis top is one of the easiest ways to determine if a table tennis table is any good. It is typically between 12mm and 25mm thick. Thickness equals quality. Thinner is worse.Table tennis tops with a thin 12mm thickness should be avoided. In addition, the tables are flimsy ..
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HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT CRICKET BATTING GLOVESFor example, a properly sized bat makes a huge difference in performance. All of your equipment, however, should be very comfortable when playing!Gloves in particular are affected by this. If you want to purchase a new pair, there are four easy ways to maintain your current pair.When choosing cricket gloves, there are five key factors to consider1.Right or left handedGloves are usually labeled ‘RH’ or ‘LH’ according to their size.If you are a right-handed person, your "big thumb" should be on your right hand. If you are left-handed, it should be on your left hand. 2.SizeA new pair of batting gloves should be chosen according to their size. You won't be comfortable if the shoes are too small or too large, which will affect your performance.If you wore too small gloves, could you imagine trying to grip the bat with cramped fingers? Or shoot a ball with cramped fingers? Horrible! In addition, if your gloves are too large, they can bunch up and..
14 Jan Tips on buying a new table tennis bat
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Tips on buying a new table tennis batMy rubbers were losing grip at the end of the season and fraying at the edges. A backhand backspin serve led to me cracking my blade on the table.The bat needs to be replaced!The question is, what should I buy? Am I better off replacing what I have already? Would something faster be better? More controllable? A different brand? Too many options!Table tennis bats for beginnersWhen you are a beginner, you should not worry too much about all the different rubbers and blades available. A good all-around control bat is all you need. You don't want it to be too fast or slow.The bigger sweet spot on these bats will make it easier to hit the ball into your opponent's side of the table. As you learn the core table tennis strokes, they will also help you control the ball.Cheap bats (less than  ₹500) should be avoided. There's a reason why they're so cheap - they're not very good! They are difficult to control, and you will have trouble spinning the ball, and ..
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BOWLER'S GUIDE CHOOSING THE RIGHT CRICKET SHOESA part of cricket that can be enjoyable and rewarding is bowling. One of the greatest feelings a bowler can experience is outwitting a batsman and taking wickets.Bowling is a physically demanding sport, however. Fast bowlers are said to be able to bear up to seven times their own body weight on the knees, ankles, and feet. When spinners swivel and push through the crease for maximum rotations on the ball, they are also straining their lower bodies.There are several reasons why choosing the right cricket shoes are so important for bowlers, including:Make sure your ankles, knees, and feet are properly supportedFrom the bowling crease to the field, comfort is essentialEnhance performanceWe will discuss a key checklist that bowlers can use when choosing their cricket shoes in this article.SizeObviously, your shoe size must be correct! There is nothing worse than having your shoes too tight on your feet or too big that they feel like they will..
07 Aug The Importance of A Loose Elbow in Table Tennis
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The Importance of A Loose Elbow in Table TennisEven though the topic title may seem a little unusual, it is still significant. Many new and developing players struggle to master strokes, and a typical issue is elbow tightening. Sometimes when playing a shot, the swing is too large or the elbow is locked, which causes the stroke to concentrate around a swing from the shoulder.Why Is a Loose Elbow Important?Let's start by discussing the effects of a tight elbow. A tight elbow inhibits the ability to retain good touch by causing the tricep and forearm to become tight. Having a strong hold on the handle can also have a similar result.Overtightening of muscles can be detrimental in a sport where touch is crucial and small adjustments can have a large impact on the ball's impact and the outcome. Here are some examples:Since the player is managing the speed of the swing with their arm, a tight arm swing without full extension restricts the speed transfer of the ball and may interfere with bal..
21 Dec How To Choose A Pair Of Cricket Pads
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How To Choose A Pair Of Cricket PadsIf you're a keen cricketer, you know all too well how easy it is to get pelted with the ball and end up bruised after being hit multiple times in the leg. Injury limits the amount of time you can spend playing your favorite sport. It's only natural that you're interested in learning how to choose the right batting pads for yourself because you're here.While cricket batting pads come in a wide variety of materials and have different designs, the main point is to protect you against injuries caused by the lethal leather ball.MaterialLeather is traditionally used to make cricket batting pads. Even when properly maintained, these pads are not very durable, and they are also extremely expensive.PVC and polyurethane (PU) are the most commonly used alternatives for cricket batting pads today. By using these materials, batting pads are lightweight while still being durable, protecting you from being battered and bruised by those rock-hard balls.DesignThere a..
14 Sep How To Win A Badminton Tournament (Advice From Experts)
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When I go back to my very first tournament, when I lost in the first round, I can see how many mistakes I made. This made me want to speak with specialists to find out what their secret is to winning tournaments.Tobias WadenkaHe is a badminton player from Germany. I participated in my first tournament many years ago, and I believe the lessons I took away from the event can benefit all new and inexperienced players—and perhaps even some seasoned ones—who attend tournaments.DO’sFigure Out Your StrengthsI believe that too many players initially concentrate on their shortcomings, and yes! first there are a lot of them, however your shortcomings won't assist youwhen you enter a competition and focus solely on them. Everything is so much simpler when you know your strengths!Find out what aspects of the game you are strong at, or perhaps better than other players of your level, before or during practise, especially when you are competing in your first tournaments.This will not only offer you ..
14 Sep How to Choose Badminton Shoe
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Here are some crucial suggestions to help you pick the greatest badminton shoe before you run out and buy one.The following are the two basic justifications for selecting quality footwear:It enhances performance during a game of badminton.It shields against harmTypical features of badminton shoes include:1. Ergoshape (for stability)Enables comfort and stability in the toes and forefoot.Toe flexibility is crucial for efficient and coordinated badminton footwork.With its assistance, you can move more quickly to the front or back of the badminton court.2. Power CushionThis serves as a shock absorber and permits swift reversing motions for the wearer.Your front leg will be bearing your weight, for instance, when you stretch to the front of the court to perform underarm badminton clear. The pressure of your body weight in the front will then be absorbed by the Power Cushion, which will function as a shock absorber (much like a car break).3. Double Russel MeshThis offers 8 times more air exc..
31 May 3 Tips for developing feelings in Table Tennis
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3 Tips for developing feelings in Table TennisMost of the time we observe tennis players explaining their best feeling in the game. It Sounds good. But do you know the real meaning of it ? Here in this article three tips are mentioned which will help you to develop your feeling for the ballLose your gripIt is the tendency of most of the players to hold their bat too tight. You may also not realise it but you probably do too. But it’s the root of all sorts of technical problems and insufficiencies.A tight grip may lead to  tension in the wrist and forearm, which will lead to playing shots with the stiff arm. Holding your bat too tightly removes all the feelings and control you may have from your hand and forces you to play everything from both your shoulder and upper arm.Switch the spinThe concept of feelings in table tennis is very closely related to the spin. Particularly your ability to control the spin on the ball.There are two elements in becoming a good spin player. In particular ..
05 Apr Why Should You Choose Savage Cricket Bats
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Why Should You Choose Savage Cricket BatsFinding a perfect new version of savage cricket bats? This one is the perfect place for your Selection of brand-new savage cricket bats. Here both the light weight and heavy weighted English Willow bat is available All the fans and the players are interested in seeing new trends or things in the game which is best for them.Here we are helping you in choosing the one which best suited you.Without any doubt check out our site  : for all the cricket gears you need.We are indulged in getting superior Savage cricket bats, instead of savage you can also look over some brands such as Gray-Nicols and Adidas and Puma.A large assortment of savage bats are here with some manufacturers offering some distinctive variation.These savage bats are easily affordable; you can make an order at: with some great offers and discounts.Key points;Savage cricket bats are considered superior quality bats and are confused.I..
07 Jan Professional Guide on Best Badminton Smash Technique
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Professional Guide on Best Badminton Smash TechniqueIn the last few decades, badminton has become one of the most popular sports on the planet. The smash technique in badminton is considered one of the most powerful. An opponent can't defend against it with much success. Even so, winning is hardly possible in any other way than by smashing. Backhands and forehands can be used for smashes.How to hit a badminton smash?When going for the smash in the game, you need to remember a few basic things. In order to smash the shuttlecock hard, you need to jump high into the air. As a second point, be careful with your landing position and the angle of the smash. In addition, you can create more angles if the shuttlecock is high in the air, which would give your smash more meaning.You need to make sure that your smash is sturdy and oriented towards the opponent's court because it would be difficult for any player to defend the smash that comes from a downward angle. To hit a powerful strike at you..
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3 WAYS TO PROTECT YOUR CRICKET BATWe are often tempted to mimic certain aspects of our favorite players when watching them play. This includes the bat used, as well as its brand, style of play, and features.A cricket bat, however, is a significant investment. There are several key reasons why you should maintain it:-      Don't risk damaging your bat or being disappointed!-      Don't spend money on repairs or replacements. You've spent the money, so make sure you get the most out of it.-      Strong performance is enabled.Your cricket bat can be made to last longer in three ways: 1. Make sure your cricket bat is well oiled and knocked-inOil should be applied to all bats before use. By doing this, it ensures that the blade is moist enough to prevent cracking.A well-knitted bat is also important. You should knock-in the bat's face and edges over approximately four-six hours using a ball or wooden mallet. Spreading the process over several days is fine. After that, use an old, high-qu..
14 Oct Cricket Batting Tips For Beginners
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Standing SidewaysAlways place your feet shoulder-width apart while facing the bowler. While maintaining a straight back, bend your body at the hips. Point your non-dominant shoulder in the direction of the bowler as you prepare the bat, and make sure to maintain your eyes on the ball. You need to keep your shoulders level and from sagging.Hold the batAlways maintain a solid grip on your bat. In the case of a right-handed person, the left hand should be gripping the end of the bat with the knuckles towards the bowler, and the right hand should be positioned above the left hand and hold the bat with two fingers and the thumb. For a better and firmer grip, place your thumb and index finger in a V shape.Distance between the bat and the stumpIn your turf, mark a line starting from the middle wicket. This will make it easier for you to know where your wickets are while you are batting. Make careful you draw the line parallel to the middle wicket with the end of your bat. A guard line is what..
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ARE YOUR TABLE TENNIS SERVES GOING TOO SHORTAre your table tennis serves being too short? too short you can say, but how can a serve be too short? Isn’t it the shorter the better?This is the perfect time and you can say point to improve your short serves in table tennis.THE 3 POSSIBLE RETURNS TO A SHORT SERVESWhen you serve short you give your opponent three options for returning your serves.Short pushLong pushFlick/flipAn experienced player will be able to successfully execute all three returns to any short serves you give them. A less experienced player…. not so much.If anyone has a pretty good short backspin serve. It's low and has plenty of backspin. That means most of the intermediate -level players he can come up against won’t be able to attack it with a flip/flick. They need to push it. But they are still having the choice to push long or push short.If anyone wants them to push long. But after observing his forehand loop-kill a couple of third-balls past them, all the opponent w..
20 Jun Benefits of playing Badminton
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Benefits of playing BadmintonThis question inspired me to write an article explaining the advantages of playing badminton so that you may refer back to it if you ever lose motivation or if someone asks you if it's worth it to play badminton.Playing badminton can be useful in a number of ways, includingMental benefitsPhysical benefitsHealth benefitsSocial benefitsBenefits of playing badmintonFirst, let’s discuss some Physical benefitsStrong legsDespite the fact that badminton necessitates full-body movement, it develops tremendous leg strength.If you look at any professional player, especially those who play singles, you'll see that their leg muscles are huge in comparison to their upper body. Even if you're not playing professionally, you'll get a wonderful leg workout even if you're just playing a casual game.Power over huge musclesLet's face it, unless you're training for a bodybuilding competition or have a special spot in your heart for creating massive muscles, it might be difficu..
20 Jun Ultimate Guide on Badminton Drive
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Ultimate Guide on Badminton DriveSo the other day I was playing doubles with my pals and one thing I observed was that whenever I smashed, they were usually raising the shuttle instead of playing a drive shot. In singles, instead of trying to shoot a drive defence, he was either blocking or lifting the shuttle. This experience prompted me to develop this comprehensive tutorial to assist all badminton beginners who are having trouble hitting a great drive shot.What is a drive shot in badmintonIt is a shot in which the shuttle travels in a straight line over the net, which is why domestic players refer to it as a parallel shot because the shuttle's trajectory is parallel to the net.Different types of Drive shot in badmintonDrive shot can be categorised into two categories.Forehand driveBackhand driveBut, because these two categories have different variations depending on the shuttle's speed and the location where you executed the shot, let's go over them in more detail.Types of Forehand ..
07 Oct Top Tips For Beginner Badminton Players
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Warm-up for badmintonMake sure your body is ready for the upcoming badminton match. Badminton requires both stamina and agility, therefore throughout your warm-up, you should focus on developing these skills. Ideally, you may begin with some skipping or a little jog around the court.Stretch the main muscle groups, paying special attention to the legs, back, and shoulders to prepare for the upcoming lunges once your pulse has increased and you are feeling warmer.The badminton gripThe grip is important when selecting a racket. For little hands, small grips work best, while for large hands, huge grips. Holding the racket should be done with a loose grip rather than a firm one. Your wrist flexibility will assist you improve your forehand and backhand swings.Check the shuttlecock flightWatch out for shuttles that 'wobble' while in flight. A wobbly shuttle is one that needs to be returned or discarded since it is defective, on its way out, and of poor quality.Keep a central base positionAfte..
18 Oct Swimming Tips for Beginners
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Get your encouragementStarting out can be challenging. It's possible that you don't feel at ease in a swimsuit or that you lack confidence when you enter the pool. Every swimmer has experienced this, so don't worry. It takes time to get over your worries and build confidence in the water; it does not happen quickly. You must shift your attention to what makes you want to swim, whether you are a beginner or a seasonal swimmer.Keep it very easyIt's normal to feel self-conscious after your first swim and to have high expectations. Despite being a fantastic basketball player or athlete, do you sometimes feel uneasy in the water? You're not alone because that occurs frequently. It's a good idea for novices to focus on mastering freestyle swimming. Try these suggestions to make swimming less intimidating, uncertain, or unpleasant so you may enjoy yourself in the water.Don’t panic in the waterIf you believe you are in danger while swimming:At your own risk, immerse yourself in water. Remain i..
03 Feb Five Important Items to Have in Your Cricket Kit
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Five Important Items to Have in Your Cricket KitThe first thing that comes to mind when thinking of cricket kit are bats, gloves, pads, and helmets. How do you improve your performance if you have these other essential items with you?In your cricket kit bag, you should have these five items.1. Protective EquipmentIn addition to the helmet, what else should you include in your cricket kit?I have seen players bat without thigh guards, which is insane! Thigh guards are an essential item to have with you, since the last thing you want is to be concerned about the ball hitting your thigh at speed. Getting in behind the ball may become difficult as a result.Additionally, a male cricketer's mid-section needs protection. On tracks that bounce, arm-guards are also recommended. 2. Batting Toe GuardSimplicity is the key here.Toe guards are not something you immediately think of when packing a cricket kit, but they are an essential component of protecting your bat. In addition to preventing unnece..
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WHAT ARE HOOKS AND FADESHooks and fades both are the attacking strokes which feature an addition to your side spins. Hooks usually provide side spins when you brush around the outside part of your ball. Conversely, that fade occurs when you brush around the inside of your ball.Both the hooks and fades are great strokes to call on whenever needed and it can be effective at intermediate level and above that.Hooks are the most common of the two strokes because of the following reasons.Hooks are easier to perform. The hooking motion is quite similar from the standard loop, and as such, anyone can learn it virtually and quickly.Hooks pass on side spin from left to right, in a counter clockwise motion for right-handed players. This always encourages the returning ball towards your forehead.WHY USE HOOKS AND FADESThe most important reason behind the importance of hooks and fades is that they often encourage your opponent to start blocking. As everyone has their unique type of hooks and fades,..
21 Aug Why Knock In a Cricket Bat and How is it Done
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Why Knock-In a Cricket Bat and How is it DoneIf you've spent any time around cricket, you've probably heard the phrase "knocking-in." You must knock in your cricket bat before using it for the first time.We are aware that once you buy a new bat, it becomes your most valued item. Some rubbed it. Others keep it with them while they sleep. That much is certain. You want to make sure that a piece of wood is handled properly. The best approach to giving it the best start in life is to knock it in.As your first step, purchase a bat mallet made exclusively for knocking in cricket bats (hit the link at the bottom of this post). An old cricket ball in a sock will work if you don't have access to one, but it won't be as reliable or simple to use.Start by lightly striking the bat's face (the flat portion at the front), and gradually increase your force as you go. The mallet shouldn't be leaving traces on your bat once the face is finished.The edges of the bat can be worked on once the face is fin..
14 Sep Benefits Of Playing Badminton
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Everyone's life should place a priority on maintaining their health and fitness. Running or working out at the gym are excellent methods to keep in shape, but if you want to mix things up, we strongly suggest playing badminton over any other sport!  One of those sports, where you can have a good time, meet new people, and get a fantastic workout, is badminton. It does have a learning curve, but once you get the hang of it, it can become rather addicting. Tennis is fantastic for your body and keeps you fit, as many people have said.  1. Muscle Strength And Andurance  Muscle endurance is necessary if you wish to be able to remain active and perform a sport for an extended period of time. Over time, playing badminton improves muscular endurance and strength. Your muscles could feel a little tired when you initially start playing after about 20 minutes.  2. Stamina Have you ever had someone say to you, "Oh, you play badminton? You must have a lot of endurance! They are not mistaken, though..
10 Jan The Future of Boxing Top 10 Boxing Prospects
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Boxing still (just) holds onto its title as the top combat sport in the world despite the growth in popularity of mixed martial arts (MMA). The stars who put themselves in harm's way to wow millions of admirers with their talent and charisma deserve recognition for this.The list of upcoming boxing stars who will light up the sport in the years to come is provided below. DanielStarting with the heavyweight division, the 23-year-old Dubois is a top prospect who has achieved 14 of his 15 victories by way of knockout by employing his powerful punches. In order to turn professional and sign with Queensberry promotions, he skipped the 2020 Summer Olympics.Despite the fact that Joe Joyce broke his previously unbeaten streak, Dubois's thrilling striking skills will ensure that he recovers. Jaime MunguíaFor the past eight years or so, this Mexican hotshot has been thrashing opponents in the welterweight, light-middleweight, and middleweight weight classes. Even though many of the "contenders" w..
10 Jan Skateboarders Are Supreme Athletes
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Everything is needed for skateboarding, including power, explosion, imagination, agility, and perfect timing for landing tricks. A recent addition to the Olympic medal events, skateboarding is the sport with the highest injury rate. It is essential that the lower body is strong. Athletes' foundation is made up of their quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles.Athletes' foundation is made up of their quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calf muscles. One of the top 10 global sports, skateboarding is also a well-liked pastime for kids and teenagers. Although skateboarding is a fun and exciting activity, being a professional skateboarder requires a strong core and a lack of fear. Skateboarders' bodies have been shown to be comparable to the top endurance athletes and to be vulnerable to high-intensity collision.According to research, skateboarders have a body composition (fat%, bone%, lean tissue, and fat mass) that is less than decathletes and comparable to rowing athletes. Skateb..
09 Dec Gear Up for Victory: Exploring Gurgaon's Finest - Sports Galaxy
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In the bustling city of Gurgaon, where the passion for sports runs deep, finding the right equipment can be a game-changer for enthusiasts and professionals alike. Nestled in the heart of this sports-loving community is the beacon for all things sports – Sports Galaxy, the go-to sports shop that caters to every athlete's needs.From the moment you step through the doors of Sports Galaxy, you can feel the vibrant energy that permeates the place. It is not just a sports shop; it is a hub for like-minded individuals who share a love for various sports and activities. The extensive range of products caters to everyone, from beginners to seasoned pros, making it a haven for the sports community in Gurgaon.One of the standout features of Sports Galaxy is its commitment to offering top-notch gear across a variety of sports. Whether you are into Tennis, cricket, football, badminton, Table tennis or any other sport under the sun, you are bound to find high-quality equipment that suits your prefe..
10 Jan Skateboarding And Olympic Games
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Now an Olympic medal event, skateboarding (Tokyo 2021 & Paris 2024). Watch the LIVE broadcast where we discussed the requirements, formats, and judging standards, as well as many other topics that you should be aware of if you want to continue skateboarding professionally.Following the final qualifying competitions, World Skate announced the 80 skateboarders who have qualified for the rescheduled Olympics in Tokyo, where the sport will make its Games debut. We have compiled the data regarding this sport's inclusion in the Olympic schedule. The International Olympic Committee and World Skate are developing and approving the rules and regulations for a legitimate competition and championship. The Roller Skating Federation Of India oversees skateboarding in India (RSFI).Seminar Topics – Part 1● General Information.● Equipment Knowledge● Formats in Olympic games.● Skateboarding championshipsSeminar Topics – Part 2● Qualification system and Pathway● RSFI Compendium● OWSR (Olympic Rankings)●..
05 Dec Unravelling the Game: What Tennis Strings are Made of - Strings Explained at Sports Galaxy
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Tennis, a sport that demands precision, power, and finesse, relies heavily on the equipment that players choose. Among the critical components of a tennis racket, the strings play a pivotal role in shaping the player's experience on the court. At Sports Galaxy, the premier sports shop in Gurgaon, understanding the intricate details of tennis strings is not just a part of the game; it's a passion. Let's delve into the world of tennis strings and explore what makes them an indispensable aspect of the game. The Building Blocks:Tennis strings are crafted from a variety of materials, each contributing to the performance and feel of the racket. Common materials include natural gut, synthetic gut, multifilament, and polyester. At Sports Galaxy, the extensive range of tennis strings caters to players with diverse playing styles, ensuring that every customer finds the perfect match for their racket. Natural Gut:Often considered the pinnacle of tennis string materials, natural gut strings are ma..
27 Dec Squash Racket Haven: Find the Nearest Pro Shop for Your Next Smash Hit!
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If you're an avid squash player or a beginner looking to delve into the exhilarating world of this fast-paced sport, one crucial element can significantly impact your game – the right squash racket. A trip to a specialized squash racket shop is a must, and lucky for you, we've got the inside scoop on finding the nearest pro shop for your next smash hit! Navigating the Squash Racket Landscape As the popularity of squash continues to rise, the market is flooded with an array of racket options, each boasting unique features designed to enhance your performance on the court. From head shapes to string tensions, the choices can be overwhelming. This is where a dedicated squash racket shop becomes your haven. The Allure of Sports Galaxy Among the plethora of options, Sports Galaxy stands out as a beacon for squash enthusiasts. With a reputation for quality products and knowledgeable staff, this pro shop has become a go-to destination for players of all levels. Let's explore what makes Sp..
30 Nov Smash Your Limits: Unleash Your Potential with Sports Galaxy's Badminton Racket Exchange program
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In the dynamic world of badminton, the right racket can make all the difference between a good game and an exceptional one. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting on your badminton journey, you know the importance of having the perfect racket in your hands. And guess what? Sports Galaxy is here to take your game to the next level with its exclusive Badminton Racket Exchange Program. Imagine a place where badminton enthusiasts converge to exchange, upgrade, and find the ideal racket that suits their playing style. Look no further – Sports Galaxy is that haven for badminton aficionados. This one-of-a-kind event is not just a sale; it is a celebration of the sport, a meeting ground for players looking to elevate their game. One of the highlights of this event is the opportunity to trade in your old racket for a new one. Have you outgrown your current racket? Has your playing style evolved? It is time for an upgrade, and Sports Galaxy has got you covered. Bring in your used rac..
07 Dec Unleash Your Sporting Spirit: Exploring Sports Galaxy - The Ultimate Sports Shop in Gurgaon
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In the vibrant city of Gurgaon, where the hustle and bustle of urban life never seem to cease, there exists a haven for sports enthusiasts - Sports Galaxy. Nestled in the heart of the city, this sports shop is a treasure trove for anyone looking to dive into the world of sports, whether you're a seasoned sports person or a beginner eager to explore new horizons. Sports Galaxy stands out not only for its extensive range of sports equipment but also for its commitment to providing top-notch customer service and fostering a community of sports lovers. As you step into the store, you're greeted by a dynamic atmosphere that resonates with the energy of countless sports stories waiting to unfold.   The store is strategically located, making it easily accessible for Gurgaon's residents and visitors alike. Whether you're a tennis fanatic, cricket lover, a fitness enthusiast, or a soccer aficionado, Sports Galaxy has something for everyone. The store boasts a wide array of sporting goods, appar..
06 Dec Precision in Play: Racket Stringing Services at Sports Galaxy, Gurgaon
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In the realm of In racquet sports, the importance of a well-strung racket cannot be overstated. The tension in your strings can significantly impact your performance on the court, influencing the power, control, and overall feel of your shots. Recognizing this critical aspect of the game, Sports Galaxy in Gurgaon offers a specialized service that caters to badminton, tennis, and squash players alike – racquet stringing. Why Stringing Matters:Playing your favourite racquet sport involves countless swings, hits, control, and precision. Over time, the tension in your racquet strings can change, affecting the dynamics of your game. This is where the expertise of Sports Galaxy comes into play. The store not only provides top-notch equipment but also ensures that your racquet is perfectly strung to your specifications. Badminton, Tennis, Squash: We've Got You Covered:Whether you are a badminton enthusiast smashing birdies across the court, a tennis aficionado serving aces, or a squash player..
28 Jan Which Type & Brand Of Shuttlecocks Should I Use
Which Type & Brand Of Shuttlecocks Should I UseThis blog will give a brief introduction to badminton's main focus: the shuttlecock! Choosing the best shuttlecock for each level of play can be quite a challenge since so many brands differ in price and physical appearance. I will provide examples and explain the best shuttlecock for each level of play (recreational and competitive) from my own experience as a competitive badminton player and coach.SHUTTLECOCKS JUDGED BY THESE CATEGORIESSPEED: the speed of the shuttle after it is struck by the racket. The speed of the shuttles will depend on the quality of the feathers or skirt (plastic-type shuttles). DURABILITY: The shuttle's ability to withstand repeated impact from the racket before becoming worn out. Durability is influenced by factors such as the quality of feathers or skirt, how often the player slices the shuttle (inaccurately hits it) and how often the player miss-hits the shuttle.NYLON VS. FEATHERNYLON: A type of plastic bird co..
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FOUR CRICKET BAT TECHNICAL TERMS YOU MUST KNOWThe Getting Cricket bat is fascinating, isn’t it? However we got Bewitched by its look without checking its traits which should be one of the most important aspects of your selection.Size and weight are very basic aspects for your selection but along with these aspects need to know some other factors. In this article there are some cricket bats terminologies mentioned that can help you in the selection of your best, cricket bat.Han of the Bat    The grip is the first and foreman’s most important part of your bat. As the better the grip will be the better you will be able to swing by holding it.A ripper grip usually in Cylindrical, Triangular shape is there on the handle to ensure the bat doesn’t get sneak out of hands, and the handle of the bat is made of different wood from the main part of the bat.The length of a bat varies according to the length of players, with a short length for short heightened players along a long length for taller ..
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