YONEX 2312 Easy22 Junior Round Neck T-Shirt, High Risk Red

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  • MOISTURE MANAGEMENT:This Yonex product is manufactured using TruCool technology which permeates micro- polyester fabrics with moisture management properties. TruCool fabric has wicI‹ing properties that move moisture away from the sI‹in and INrough the fabric, Tel ping to I‹eep the wearer cool, dry, and comforts ble. 8 WAY STRETCH –
  • STRETCH:Desig ned with comfort in mi nd, these T-shirts are soft, cool, and ligit, with sweat wicI‹ing fabric and maxi mum stretch for optimaI performance in doily trai ning sessions.
  • PRO:TaI‹ing our moisture management technology to the next level, our cooling print Telps regulate your sI‹in’s temperature by absorbi ng excess heat, I‹eepi ng you cool and comfortable for longer.
  • Our eco -friendIy ba mboo- polyester fabric combines function and comfort in a well-ventilated go rment that absorbs and wicI‹s sweat away easily. Ba mboo’s natura I antibacteria I elements aIso I‹eep foul -smel ling bacteria away I‹eepi ng you cool, comforts ble, and odor-free. Our seamless t-shirts are constructed usinp a special weaving method that optimises comfort with minimal seams and mesh ventilation.
  • 4-WAY STRETCH:Our woven shorts with 8% Spandex aI low wea rers to move freely.

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