Butterfly Training Ball 40+

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  • The Butterfly Training Ball is designed to be high quality and comparable to a three-star ball. The Butterfly Training Ball can be used for table tennis training, such as multi-ball practice or training with a robot. The Butterfly Training Ball is designed to have a similar feel to the table tennis ball used during competitions due to its high roundness, steadiness, and durability. The high quality Butterfly Training Ball is white and is made in China. The Butterfly Training Ball is made out of plastic and has a diameter of 40 millimeters, which is the standard regulation size for table tennis balls. The plastic table tennis ball itself plays very similar to that of a traditional table tennis ball but is more nature friendly. The Box of the table tennis Butterfly Training Balls is available in two sizes. The Butterfly Training Balls are available in a pack of 6 balls and in a box of 120 balls. Professional and recreational table tennis players can depend on the Butterfly Training Ball for practice.

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