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Brand: Cosco Model: Cosco Skating protective kit - Colour May Vary
All round safety head knees elbows and handsExtra cushion comfortable for wear | strong and durable extra safetyIdeal for skating and cycling | material PVC protection with foam cushionAccessories head guard knee guard elbow guard and palm guard..
₹800.0 ₹840.0
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Kamachi 3-in-1 Protection Equipment Set; Protective kit; Skating Kit; Cycling Kit
--33 %
Model: PE-11
Kamachi protective kit made from high and good quality of material, highly shockproof, prevent you from getting injured. Fully adjustable with velcro straps.Kamachi protective kit PE-11 is ideal for unisex youth. DURABLE, MULTI-PURPOSE, FLEXIBLE, COMFORTABLE, EASY TO WEAR, LIGHT WEIGHT.Sports Type: ..
₹850.0 ₹640.0
Ex Tax:₹850.0
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