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Babolat Gold Tennis Balls
-42 %
Brand: Babolat Model: Babolat Gold Tennis Balls - 4 Cans
Babolat Gold Tennis Balls (4 Cans) are perfect tournament balls are high performance pressured balls. These balls feel a great and outstanding combination of comfort and durability, featuring Milliken extra duty felt. Even suitable to all courts and tournaments matches...
₹1,450.0 ₹2,520.0
Ex Tax:₹1,450.0
Babolat Team Tennis Balls
-46 %
Brand: Babolat Model: Babolat Team Tennis Balls - 4 Cans
The Team ball is a Premium pressure ball that combines durability and comfort. It’s the perfect choice for competitive players who want performance above all else...
₹1,500.0 ₹2,800.0
Ex Tax:₹1,500.0
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