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About Us

The idea of Sports galaxy came into existence in the year 2019 with a simple thought of availing sports goods at a very reasonable price which can be done by trading of unused sports gears among people.

Why waste sport goods; when someone, somewhere can use it. Thus the purpose of the Sports galaxy is to provide sport equipment at a reasonable and affordable price to sport loving people. In Sports galaxy you can Sell, Buy and Trade your sport equipment with new / old ones.

It’s amazing that Kids outgrow so fast and sports goods which were bought just a few years back is no longer fit for them. Some families are always interested in new sports or they keep trying some new activity.

In these cases we are here to help you and make your sports experience lot reasonable by trading your sports gears which are still in a great condition and has lots of years left in it, which can generate an income for you.

So just send your no longer needed, quality used sports gear to Sports galaxy and we will be happy to help you.