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Cosco Adjustable Hand Grip Brace
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Brand: Cosco Model: Hand Grip Brace
Non slip ergonomic design grip for added comfort. Gripping involves opening and closing your wrists which in essence means that you engage your forearm flexors, as well as forearm extensors. Increase Hand Strength and Endurance. Adj. Resistance 5~40 Kgs. For Hand / Wrist / Forear..
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Brand: Cosco Model: Foam Grasp Hand Grip
Cosco Hand Grip Double Colour Foam Handle. Strong 5mm Chrome Spring.Hand grip with double colorErgonomic foam handleImprove grip strengthManage stressBox Content : 1 pair of handgrip..
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Brand: Cougar Model: Cougar Xtreme Adjustable Hand Grip
Hand-grip strengthener for working the muscles in the fingers, hand, wrist, and forearmIdeal for enhanced sports performance, injury prevention or recovery, and stress reductionMade of PP and ABS plastic with a durable spring and a comfortable non-slip rubber gripLevel of resistance can be easily ad..
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