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STAG CLUB Table Tennis bat

STAG CLUB Table Tennis bat
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STAG CLUB Table Tennis bat
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STAG Club Table Tennis Bat has a comfortable handle that ensures that your games last longer while the fatigue you experience remains low. This Table Tennis Bat from Stag Club gives you an excellent grip on the bat, making way for exceptional shots.

A composite blade will provide you lightweight racket configuration as compared to complete wooden bat. Total wood blades are best for generating more spins while composite blade will give you more spin and consistency. It is all about finding the right blade for you and your style.

Suitable for Beginners with a fair experience.

Lesser vibrations during the game.

Rubber This racquet is T.T.F.I (Table Tennis Federation of India) approved.

Handle Flared

Speed 78

Control 95

Spin 70

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