Yonex Badminton Jet Black Round Neck T Shirt – Mens

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  • STRETCH: Designed with comfort in mind, These T-shirts are soft, cool, and ligit, with sweat wicking fabric and maxi mum stretch for optimaI performance in doily training sessions.
  • Superior Quality Micro Polyester fabric which is flexible during Playing Badminton, Football, workout, exercise or any other sports or outdoor activity.
  • This Yonex product is manufactured using TruBreeze technology incorporating micro polyster fabric with moisture management property.
  • The TruBreeze fabric has wicking property and helps to disperse the moisture away from the skin into the atmosphere, thus keeping you dry, cool and comfortable.
  • Stretch FLEXIBLE, FORGIVING, AND FASHIONABLE Innovative stretch material allows for free movement that supports your active play.

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