How To Choose A Badminton String And String Tension

Here are some basic badminton terminology and facts to familiarize yourself with before choosing a string:

  • Strings stretch like elastic, so they begin to lose tension from the day they are strung (known as “tension creep”).

  • There is a “sweet spot” on every racket. On the string bed, this is the area that will give you the most power.

  • It is recommended that beginners use a lower tension because the lower the tension, the bigger the sweet spot is because they do not have the technique.

  • If you can consistently hit the sweet spot with a higher tension, it will provide more power and control. Due to the tightness of the strings, they will break more easily if a mis-hit occurs.

String tension relating to power and control

Badminton shots are primarily powered by the string. You should know the impact of string tension on your game as a result. Any string, thick or thin, can be controlled in terms of power and control by adjusting the string tension.

Playing with a lower tension (18-23lb)

When the tension is lower:

The shuttle is less controlled and placed as a result of a softer (looser) string bed.

As a result of a softer string bed, the racket will have more “bounce” or resistance and the player will be able to get more power from the racket without exerting much effort

There is less chance of string breakage from off-center miss hits at the side of the string bed thanks to the new string material

Conclusion:  Beginners who lack good hitting technique should opt for lower tensions since they will need to use more power.

Playing with a higher tension (24-30lb)

Tension is higher when:

The shuttle will feel more responsive if the string bed is harder (tighter), allowing for better control and placement.

To generate power, the player will have to be more accurate and consistent with their strokes as the sweet spot is smaller

A racket with a harder (tighter) string bed will also have a harder bounce, meaning more power will be required from the player to generate the bounce.

Conclusion: Players with advanced hitting techniques who are looking for increased control should play with higher tension.

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