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Head Sonic Pro 16L Tennis String - 12 m (Cut from the reel)

The monofilament Sonic Pro string is designed for club players who need a durable, comfortable string. It is made of unique co-polymer polyester in combination with a soft molecular construction, it provides great touch and a comfortable feel while giving you a lot of power for a monofilament string. This co-poly offers above average comfort for a control string. As a result, it is perfect for an intermediate or advanced player who want a slightly more forgiving feel on off-centre impact.
It also has exceptional durability, partly because it slides on itself well and avoids frictional wear. With its extremely predictable response on full swings, this co-poly will reward your most powerful strokes with balls that drop hard and explode off the court. A great option for anyone who wants to add a little extra spin to their game!

Material                     Mono Filament

Gauge                     16 L

Length                     12 m

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