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The iconic Xtra Damp Dampener's soft material increases comfort during play and protects your arm.
The Xtra Damp is made of soft rubber material, which provides increased comfort and reduces the risk of a tennis elbow. Install it between the two main central strings for optimum performance.

  • Vibration Absorbing: String dampeners help disperse the energy of the ball when it hits the racket. The shock is partially absorbed by the rubber dampener, lessening the stress on your arm and reducing vibrations.
  • Improved Feel: Less vibration means more precision and control when you swing.
  • Arm Protection: Racket dampeners can help reduce the strain on your arm by reducing the shock of the ball during power shots.
  • Reduced String Noise: Cut down on the ping with every shot so you can stay focused and stay on top of your game.

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