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Spalding Basketball

Spalding Basketball
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Spalding Basketball
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  • Model: TF 250 - Size 7
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  • Spalding's Basketball comes with a highly durable covering which is resistant to abrasion and rough game play.
  • Ultra-Durability: The basketball is a very long-lasting equipment owing to its ultra durable covering which provides superior performance on both wooden and concrete courts.
  • Wide Channel Design: The ball has a wide channel design on its covering which gives it a tenacious grip, owing to sufficient friction and minimal slippage; this lets you play a disciplined game.
  • Superior Grip: The covering has granular texture and wide channels that let you gain a superior grip.
  • Can Withstand Rough Games: The ball is sturdy and durable which makes it a star performer and renders it immune to rough game play.

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