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Babolat Rpm Dual 1.30-16 Tennis String - 12 m (Black, White)

Babolat Rpm Dual 1.30-16 Tennis String - 12 m (Black, White)
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Babolat Rpm Dual 1.30-16 Tennis String - 12 m (Black, White)
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  • Model: Rpm Dual 1.30-16 (Black, White) - Cut from reel
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It's the ideal string for players who want fabulous topspin as well as long-lasting tension hold. The Twist System technology provides excellent tension hold. The combination of a high-density co-polyester and a titanium co-polyester improves resistance to abrasion to ensure greater durability. The cross-linked silicone coating provides better ball ?bite? for enhanced spin. The gauge is the diameter of the strings. It influences the sensations players get when hitting the ball. The thinner the gauge, the greater the power and feel. In contrast, the thicker the gauge, the longer the strings will last. The tension also affects the players? sensations. The tension setting is adjusted by the stringer when installing the strings on the racquet. Each string has its own recommended setting, which corresponds to the standard tension. By reducing the tension, the strings will bend more on impact with the ball and therefore give the ball greater power, and the player greater comfort. Conversely, by increasing the tension, the string bed will be stiffer so the player will enjoy greater control.

String Gauge1.30-16
Coating MaterialDual material
Length12 m

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