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Li Ning Badminton racket

Li Ning Badminton racket
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Li Ning Badminton racket
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  • Model: Ignite 7 badminton racket
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The Ignite 7 is a combination of lightweight, power, and flexibility. This head-heavy racket adds power to your smashes by maintaining a lightweight distribution. Engineered with a Dynamic Optimum Frame, this racket allows more consistent and higher hitting velocity, while the Aerotec Beam System reduces drag coefficient so you can enjoy faster swings all the way. To enhance the stability and durability of the racket by maintaining top-notch performance, the racket has also been incorporated with TB Nanotechnology.

Player Level                                   Semi-Profesional
Weight (grams)                                   77
Balance Point (mm)                           304
Shaft Flexibility                                   Flexible
Maximum Racket Tension                   ≤ 30 lbs (pounds)
Frame Material                                   Carbon Fiber

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